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Projects Department

The Projects Department is responsible for analysing the needs arising from a project: study of potential technical solutions, material procurement, planning times, supervision and installation, start-up …

It is also responsible to perform the installations associated with the company’s products, as well as external projects requested by different clients.

Typical projects include the following:

In addition, subcontracted civil works are supervised for all the above points.

Each and every project is a challenge in which knowledge, skills, tools, techniques and our long experience over 25 years are applied to meet your requirements.

Project management process is structured in five groups:

The value of the approach we have in the Projects Department demonstrates our recognized organizational competence, training, education and professional history.

All the success cases that stand out have been conducted by this department.

Featured projects of ENA Tecnología

Level Crossings

Over the years the Project Department of ENA Tecnología has performed a significant number of installations and commissioning of level crossing protection systems of different types:

  • Supply and turnkey installation of 110 Automatic Half Barrier (AHB) crossing protection systems in open track crossings.
  • Supply and turnkey installation of 80 AHB crossing protection systems interlocked with the signaling of a station.
  • Supply and turnkey installation of 50 Automatic Open Crossing (AOC) protection systems controlled by road traffic lights and warning bells (BL).

Most of these facilities are complemented with pedestrian Protection Systems and Obstacle Detection.

Operation Telephony

One of the traditional markets of ENA Tecnología is the railway operation telephony, with the installation of:

  • Over 70 Operator and Supervisor Posts in the main Railway Administration Controlling Points (ADIF and FEVE).
  • Over 350 Stations in the Spanish Railway Administrations (ADIF and FEVE).
  • Over 680 track telephones: signal and rail switch telephones for ADIF, Portuguese Railways (CP Comboios of Portugal) and railway administrations of North Africa countries.
  • Most of the Operation Telephony System of the Portuguese Railways (CP), comprising more than:
    • 150 Station Centers,
    • 30 Control Points,
    • 15 Equipment for CTC Telephony Operators,
    • 600 BC and BL outdoor telephones, and other auxiliary equipment.
Centralization of Level Crossing Recorders

Since the installation in 2012 of the Cryssma Centralization System, and due to its success, the Projects Department of ENA Tecnología has been including to this system increasingly more level crossings, which results:

  • Supervising and monitoring over 300 level crossing recorders on different lines in ADIF Spain’s Central, Northeast, Northwest and South Delegations.
  • Supervising and monitoring over 10 level crossing recorders on the Lleida – Pobla de Segur line of the Railways of the Catalonia Regional Government (FGC – Ferrocarriles de la Generalidad de Cataluña).
  • Supervising and monitoring 35 level crossings on the Buenos Aires – Rosario line for ADIF in Argentina.
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