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Centralization System: CRYSSMA


The Centralisation System of Recorders and Supervision of Security and Maintenance, CRYSSMA, collects information from critical elements of level crossing protection facilities. This information is stored for subsequent operation and its expert system analyses it for real-time detection of possible incidents that might occur at them.

The fundamental objectives of the system are:

  • To record and store any state changes in the monitored critical elements of a level crossing protection facility.
  • To detect possible malfunction or incidences that take place in the supervised facilities.
  • To immediately inform system users of this incident by SMS or e-mail.
  • To ease access to stored information for its evaluation.
  • To provide information on the status of level crossing protection systems.

The flexibility of the system should be highlighted:

  • Adaptation to different communication scenarios:
    • Ethernet.
    • Mobile telephony.
    • Optical fiber.
    • Copper pair.
    • Radio Modem.
    • Wireless technologies (LoRa, Wifi, Zigbee, etc.)
  • Integration with different solutions to guarantee system availability (clusters, virtualization, etc.).
  • Variety of interfaces, as Crysstine (Cryssma exploitation client) can be used from an application on a terminal, as well as from a web browser or a mobile application.
  • In its alarms and reports. Its configuration applications allow to define easily and quickly any type of incidence in the monitored systems.

In addition, the Cryssma system highlights for being specifically designed for low consumption environments and allowing its installation in autonomous photovoltaic systems, due to the minimal impact on the consumption of its field equipment (to monitor a remote element via GPRS 0.2W is not exceeded). This makes ENA Tecnología a leader in low power communications equipment.

The following diagram shows a typical installation example:



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